Antiques & Collectibles

Our Antique Shop Serves Abilene, TX

At Frontier Flea Market, our inventory is constantly changing and features items from more than 25 merchants. Our merchants bring items from all over the world, and all different time periods. Whether you collect vinyl records, used books or antique jewelry, there’s plenty to see at our flea market. 

Our selection includes:

Antiques | Antique Jewelry | Boots | Collectibles | Costume Jewelry | Glass Items | Handcrafted Items | Small Appliances | Tools | Used Books* | Used DVDs | Vinyl Records

Visit our store to see our selection of used books.

Frontier Flea Market has a variety of used books for sale. We have various genres for you to choose from. There isn’t anything better than curling up by the fireplace to read a book after a long week. Please visit our store to see our selection of used books.

*We donate all the proceeds from our used books sales in the “Book Nook” & “Cheap Books” sections to the World Mission Offering.

We have a variety of Interior Decorations

Does the inside of your house need to be spruced up a bit? Frontier Flea Market has a variety of interior decorations for your house. Adding decorations to your house can help a lot. The next time your relatives come over they will be impressed by the new additions. Please visit our flea market today to see our unique interior decoration.

Let Us Show You What Our Antique Shop Has To Offer!

Whether there's a rare collectible item you've been searching for or a vinyl record you need to complete your collection, Frontier Flea Market is a great place to look. Collectible and antique items aren’t just for collectors, they also make for great gifts or unique interior decorations. Stop by and browse our inventory; you won't be disappointed! Call our antique shop today for information or directions!

We Sell Collectible Items & More

Frontier Flea Market can provide you with the interior decorations you're looking for. We have a wide selection to choose from on a daily basis. It can be hard finding that exact decoration you're looking for. At our flea market, let us help you find exactly what you desire. For more information about our interior decoration selection, call us today! We proudly serve the Abilene, TX area. 
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